Bating Enzymes

ZSIVIRA started the formulation of ENZYMES for LEATHER DEGREASING and LEATHER TANNING in the year 2009 as we found the LEATHER ENZYMES has a unique place to perform in Leather Tanning.

Our speciality range of LEATHER ENZYMES include SUBMERGED FERMENTED ENZYME which is capable of opening the fibres even in the toughest African Origin skin & hides which not only gives extraordinary soft leather but also gives unbelievable area increase. We have the track record of our ENZYMES giving area increase upto 17% in ETHIOPIAN SHEEP SKINS.

Our Leather Degreasing Enzyme has proved to be the best in its class in degreasing even high fat content skins like New Zealand and Saudi. It reduces the water usage and also eliminates solvent in the degreasing process.

Apart from Speciality ENZYMES, ZSIVIRA manufactures a wide range of ENZYMES for Leather Tanning.

After all processes are finished for the preparation of tanning, at the end bating enzymes are used for to give good softness to leather. The final step for leather products prepared for tanning by using bating enzymes. Bating Enzymes Suppliers produce uniform grains and fullness and softness of leather suitable for marketing the leather products. Vegetable oils and phospholipids in combination are used for leather tanning

Product Name Product Literature Material Safety Data Sheet
CATAZYME ABJ Bating Enzymes Bating Enzymes
CATAZYME AI Bating Enzymes Bating Enzymes
CATAZYME ALJ Bating Enzymes Bating Enzymes
CATAZYME DMX Bating Enzymes Bating Enzymes
CATAZYME JCB Bating Enzymes Bating Enzymes Suppliers
CATAZYME JFL Bating Enzymes Bating Enzymes
CATAZYME JT Bating Enzymes Bating Enzymes
CATAZYME SX Bating Enzymes Bating Enzymes

Bating Enzymes
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